About my class

My intention with every class is to bring the practitioner to a deep union within themselves. I work to keep the class to essential alignment cues to wake up dual-action in the body, and still leave space in my speaking to offer a meditation to the student. What I love most is sequencing a class that unearths a deeper pose from a well-thought out beginning. Through a careful attention to the cadence of sequencing, the body inevitably builds a deeper relationship to the breath, and an extraordinary opening is able to spring forth.


In addition to my public classes I offer private and semi-private classes.

Private One-on-one Sessions

Private one-one sessions are a great option for students who would like to cultivate proper alignment and technique for each pose. New students especially benefit from this personal attention, but also students with injuries or with a deeper interest in alignment and details. Therapeutic adjustments and prescriptive homework as an added option.

Private Group Sessions

Private group sessions are designed for special events, gatherings and corporate work spaces. A great way to nurture a team-building environment, add a healthy component to parties like birthdays parties, bachelorette/bachelor parties and leave a group of people feeling inspired and uplifted. Each class is created with special awareness to the intention of the group.


Pricing will vary depending on distance traveled, time and occurence. Please contact me for more details.