Why I practice

I was 21 studying photography in San Francisco when I first came to my mat. A friend recommended yoga to me as a remedy for my chronic anxiety. That first class became one of the most memorable experiences of my life, intensely physical, it pushed me to a breaking point. I cried most of the class, I was a mess of matted hair from the heat, and sweat so much I felt like I had just took a full-dive into a swimming pool. In Savasana, without warning or expectation, a deep surrendering to myself took me over and released me. That moment ignited a life-long investigation of this practice and over time what I’ve found was an entire universe of awakening; from an unthawing of movement and breath, a strengthening and aligning my physical body, and ultimately a continued fine-tuning of the subtle body and energetics of my mind. The working through Samskaras, the Sanskrit idea of "mental impressions and psychological imprints" is ultimately the driving force of my practice. What you've come into the world with and onto your mat with has a chance of transformation just by the incremental shifts in continued showing up. Redemptive in it's nature, like a great hero's journey, this is the experience I hope to share with students.